Poker University: Back to School but without the Uniform!

It's time to go back to school, but this time, there's no rules, no detention and definitely no uniform!!

Hated School? Hated your Teachers? No need to worry, this time your friendly teacher is the Professor and he's definitely "down with the kids"! He'll also test you throughout the courses with fun exams and challenges to let you see how your getting on.

Our Poker University is all about learning how to play poker, and perhaps more importantly learning how to WIN at poker. With a range of topics covered that will help you boost your game and build your bankroll, from Poker Maths (don't worry the Prof will show you how to avoid complex calcs) to more advanced topics such as Expected Value.

Poker University - It's time to go back to school, but this time, there's no rules, no detention and definitely no uniform!!

Available Courses

Learn How To Play Poker Course

Learn How To Play Poker: The Basics Course

Number of Lessons: 8
Level: Beginner

There are a number of variations of poker these days, some more popular than others, but each with their own set of rules.

In this free 8 part course, we'll get you started on your Poker Journey by teaching you how to play poker and explaining the differences between the most popular variants of poker games, and the various betting structures they are played in.

How to Win at Poker Course

How to Win at Poker: Winning Poker Strategy Course

Number of Lessons: 24
Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Often people find it simple to learn the rules of poker, but remain losing players because they don’t understand the basic principles of how to win at poker.

During this free course we will teach you a solid basic strategy that will turn your game into a winning game. This course WILL make you into a profitable poker player and we’ll prove it to you.

To help you learn the principles in the course and to motivate you to continue, we will guide you step by step on how to turn an initial stake of $25 into $1,000 by the end of the course.

Sit and Go Poker Course

Dominate Sit and Go Poker Course: How to Consistently Win SNG Tournaments

Number of Lessons: 14
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Sit and Go poker tournaments, commonly called SNGs, have become amazingly popular thanks to the growth of online poker.

Their shorter format allow you to play tournament style poker without having to play for hours like in a full multi table tournament giving them the same time convenience of cash games.

During this free course we will teach you how to dominate SNG tournaments and profit from the fish who play in them.

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