Poker Frågesport: Pokerpsykologi

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Congratulations: Unit 4 Complete

Well done, you’ve completed unit 4 which was all about Poker Psychology. Your almost there! By now you have developed your strategy so much that you should really be seeing an improvement in your game, and with that should be feeling more and more confident.

The next unit is the fifth and final unit of this course, and we’re going to look at some advanced poker strategy and techniques that you can add into your strategy. We are also going to complete the challenge of turning your initial $25 stake into a bankroll of $1,000.

If you wish, you can now take the end of Unit 4 Poker Test: Poker Psychology to see how you have grasped each subject.

Poker Test: Poker Psychology

Poker Professor - It’s time for you to take your next progress test, to see just how much of that information has sunk in.

You have now completed all but one of the units in this course and your strategy is really coming together.

In this unit we looked at the psychology of poker, how it affects both us and our opponents and how we can use it to work out what our opponent is up to and to ensure that we make the correct decisions and minimise any mistakes.

Hopefully you haven’t skipped the Poker Bankroll Challenge sections as practice makes perfect and it is really important that you get experience playing with your new strategy and feel confident using it in a time pressured situation that online poker presents before you move onto the higher stakes tables.

If you have skipped all the practical experience, then I really recommend that you go back to the start of the Poker Bankroll Challenge and work your way through each of the stages – you will really see the benefit.

It’s now time for your next progress test, to again see how much of the information you have learned in this unit has sunk in. As usual don’t be intimidated, there is no pressure and you can resit the test as many times as you like. It’s purpose is really to show you if there are any areas that you need to revisit, or whether you are ready to move onto the next unit.

There are 12 questions to answer covering all of the main subjects covered in Unit 4. You’ll have a total of 12 minutes to complete the test and we’ll provide you with an instant grade and feedback as soon as you click submit at the end of the exam.

Good Luck!

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